AVM Vilnius 2013 – Shoah Film Collection in Lithuania

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013 - Commemorative Interventions

Press Release

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
23 September – 29 October 2013
standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament

is the manifestation of SFC – Shoah Film Collection in Lithuania 2013
hosted by Jewish Culture & Information Center Vilnius (23 Sept – 27 Oct 2013) & Kedainiai Regional Museum (02-29 Oct 2013)

SFC – Shoah Film Collection
is a worldwide unique media art initiative
by the Cologne based internationally renown media artist and curator
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne. Founded on 27 January 2010, on occasion of the 65th return of the Liberation of Auschwitz, the initiative is addressed to young generations of artists and filmmakers to deal with the topic of Shoah (Holocaust)and collective trauma caused by totalitarianism by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in order to find future oriented ways to keep vivid the memory of the collective trauma by sensitizing via art. Meanwhile the collection is consisting of 60 outstanding works of experimental and documentary artfilms and videos.

In order to present Shoah Film Collection to a wider audience, Agricola de Cologne created in 2012 the experimental event context – “A Virtual Memorial – Commemorative Interventions” – placing SFC in the context of complementary interventions, such as lectures, screenings, exhibitions, artists presentations, talks and discussions and much more, in order to activate the audience, as well.

The first pilot manifestation “A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012” – standing under the Patronage of the European Parliament – was a collaboration between Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum, Culture and Arts Project NOASS Riga and artvideoKOELN – 01 -30 June 2012.

The manifestation of Shoah Film Collection in Lithuania 2013 – can be considered as a second pilot project based on the experiences made in Latvia one year before.

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
standing also in the context of 4th World Litvak Congress Vilnius – which is taking place simultaneously – 22-25 Sept 2013 – will be inaugurated on 23 Sept 2013, 10h, the national commemoration day for the Lithuanian victims of Holocaust,
consisting of a symposium – 23-26 September 2013, 12h-19h,
an exhibition running until 27 October 2013 featuring art works by Agricola de Cologne, Eitan Vitkon, Paolo Bonfiglio, Tammy Mike Laufer, Grace Graupe-Pillard, Shelley Jordon, Ariel Yannay Shani and Joseph Rabie – complementing the screenings of the 18 programs of films and videos – a visual art performance by Doron Polak, the internationally renown Israeli performance artist on 25 September, 14h @ Tolerance Center/Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, and as the finalization of the meeting, the soundart performance by the Lithuanian Arturas Bumsteinas & Wolumen Trio @ St. Catherine’s Church Vilnius on 26 September 2013, 19h. Kedainiai Regional Museum will be screening the complete film programs between 02 and 29 October 2013.

On 23-26 September 2013 between 14 and 19h, the daily presentations of the 14 attending artists – Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, Cristiano Berti, Marcantonio Lunardi, Joseph Rabie, Felice Hapetzeder, Doris Neidl, Dova Cahan, Annetta Kapon, Shelley Jordon, Jacob J.Podber, Doron Polak, Eitan Vitkon, Ariel Yannay Shani – form the basis for the talks and discussions including the audience moderated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

By presenting the 18 screenings programs of CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections in the context of “A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013”, Cologne International Videoart Festival is launching a central part of its 9th festival edition as a world premiere in Lithuania.

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
is a collaboration between
Jewish Culture & Information Center Vilnius, Kedainiai Regional Museum, artvideoKOELN & Cologne International Videoart Festival

supported by
Lithuanian Film Center, Vilnius Municipality, Italian Culture Institute Vilnius, Institut Français Vilnius, Austrian Embassy Vilnius, Swedish Embassy Vilnius, US Embassy Vilnius, UK Embassy Vilnius, Israeli Embassy Riga, State of Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

sponsored by
Zenith Art Systems Bonn/Germany, Karthäuser & Breuer Cologne/Germany


PDF catalogue for download (English)

SFC – Shoah Film Collection
http://sfc.engad.org http://sfc.engad.org/video/

CTF – Collective Trauma Film Collections

A Virtual Memorial – Commemorative Interventions

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013

artvideoKOELN & Cologne International Videoart Festival
directed by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

artvideo (at) koeln.de