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SFC – Shoah Film Collection is a joint venture between A Virtual Memorial Foundation with VideoChannel in the context of Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards

Founded on 27 January 2010, the 65th return of The Liberation of the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz ,, each year on 27 January, SFC is releasing a new call in order to expand its collection with new exceptional works of art in the medium of video.

The call ongoing released on http://dts.engad.org/?p=32


AVM Riga 2020 under the Patronage of the European Parliament

International Conference of Holocaust Museums Riga/Latvia
4 & 5 June 2012 @ Academy of Sciences Riga/Latvia
organized by Riga Ghetto and Latvian Holocaust Museum

The presentation of Shoah Film Collection in Riga stands under the PATRONAGE of the European Parliament

Shoah Film Collection and the idea of a nomadic memorial
Lecture by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Founded on 27 January 2010, the 65th return of the Liberation of Auschwitz, SFC – Shoah Film Collection is representing a worldwide unique initiative by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, director of artvideoKOELN – the international curatorial initiative art & moving images from Cologne/Germany to encourage young artists generations to reflect the topic of Shoah (Holocaust) by using new technologies and contemporary approaches in art in order to keep vivid the memory of the collective trauma which was changing mankind and the perception on the human individual profoundly.

There were good reasons to refer to Shoah so many years after World War II, since the distance of time, the general loss of the personal emotional affection and this way, also the loss of memory is allowing different points of view what the holocaust may mean to people nowadays and in general.

While depending on the country where people are living, the Holocaust is mostly is not perceived as anything else than a heinous historical phenomenon, people do not feel affected to, at all, for those who go deeper into the subject matter, the holocaust is not describing a final result in form of millions of exterminated anonymous victims, but the endless processes an individual, as well as countless individuals had to pass which were finally leading to the industrial extermination.
By finding its starting point, different levels need to be explored first, from the smallest cell of society, the family, until its psychological, political, economic and historical conditions. But after exploring, a shocking perception is remaining, like any genocide also the Holocaust can happen all the time anywhere, if we are not very careful. We all, each individual are holding the keys in our hands.

The divers genocides happening before and after the Holocaust before our very eyes in Africa, Asia or elsewhere give evidence, and all of us, who are not immediately affected, let it happen from less or more distance, like we let it happen when people are attacked by other people on the street. Have we learned from history, is it possible, at all, to learn from history, do we learn from our own mistakes or are we condemned to repeat continuously the same mistakes?

In my personal course of life, the Holocaust became a symbol to stand up and become active against the crimes against humanity. While I would even say, the essence what nowadays the holocaust means to me, was already there when I was born, SFC – Shoah Film Collection is not representing my first major artistic initiative in this field. During the years after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), I realized already my first ideas of a nomadic memorial between 1993 and 1999, manifested in the artistic representation form of the installation incorporating divers conventional artistic media like photography, computer-based multi-media and 3 dimensional objects, entitled: A Living Memorial – Memorial Project Against the Forgetting, Racism, Xenophobia and anti-Semitism. This project has been exhibited 43 times between 1995/1998 under the patronage of Ignatz Bubis, the late President of the Central Jewish Council of Germany, until the basic part of the project has been destroyed in an act of mad vandalism by Neonazis in September 1998.

While defending the memory of the victims of holocaust, I had become a victim of violence myself, whereby the act of the destruction was just the final accumulation point of a many years lasting process development since 1993. It was causing a dramatic change in my life. When I returned to life in May 1999 after a many months lasting coma I needed to start life again from point zero.

It took more than 11 years after these hyper-traumatic experiences, that I was physically, emotionally and psychologically able to continue my visions of keeping vivid the memory of the holocaust, and these were my own experiences which were motivating me to do so. But during the years, I got new perceptions about art as a medium for transporting memory. The traditional static art media were failing in being able to represent processes and give the viewer of art an idea in a contemporary way about the processes taking place inside of a person emotionally or psychologically, for instance when people are discriminated, persecuted or attacked, while time based new linear forms like digital video or non/linear forms like interactive works have the potential to involve the viewer, spectator or user actively in an art work leaving the familiar passive merely consuming position.

This new artistic initiative is part of the global networking activities I started in 2000 as a virtual artist and curator. The idea and motivation for releasing Shoah Film Collection as an initiative cannot be thought without this networking concept, whereby I function simultaneously as an artist, a curator, a mediator and catalyst of the total work, which includes me also as an artist of one of the incorporated experimental films. Each year on 27 January, SFC – Shoah Film Collection is releasing a new call in Internet, resulting meanwhile the inclusion of 43 outstanding works of experimental film and videoart.

But SFC – Shoah Film Collection is not standing alone, it is part of a concept to attract a major audience for the collection and the aims of the initiative. In this way, I modified my previous ideas of a nomadic memorial and created A Virtual Memorial – Commemorative Interventions, an event structure, whose basic goal is to activate the audience – placing SFC in the context of complementary lectures, workshops, artists talks, round tables and discussions, whereby the aspect of the workshops or courses to be held at some European art schools have a particularly relevance for realizing the concept of the nomadic memorial as a starting point for initiating new processes and motivate students already on their way to become an artist.

So, SFC – Shoah Film Collection & A Virtual Memorial incorporate different initiatives addressed to special target audiences, while being presented both are addressed to a general non-restricted audience to be activated.

A Virtual Memorial Riga 2012 – Commemorative Interventions – realized in partnership between Riga Ghetto & Latvian Holocaust Museum, the association SHAMIR, Culture and Arts Projects NOASS Riga and artvideoKOELN – the international curatorial initiative ” art & moving images” from Cologne/Germany is taking place at NOASS between 1 and 8 June 2012 as the first event in a series presenting SFC – Shoah Film Collection in Europe, USA and Asia and a complementary event to the international conference of Holocaust Museums taking place in Riga on 4 and 5 June 2012.

Listed artists:


SFC – Shoah Film Collection
by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
All films can be reviewed online in full length on

Currently 100 listed works
total running time: about 20 hours

including artists from 26 countries, including Germany, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Hungary, The Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Israel, USA, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Hongkong, Thailand, South Korea, New Zealand.

Agricola de Cologne I (Germany) – Memory Game, 2010, 8:00
Agricola de Cologne II (Germany) – Silent Cry, 2008, 3:06
Agricola de Cologne III (Germany) – POLAK – Stages of Memory, 2015, 40:00 (new 2015 !)
Steven Ausherman (USA) – A Forest, 2012, 2:19
Yochai Avrahami & Karin Eliyahu (IL) – “From the Middle to the Start”, 2009, 5:00
Marta Azparren (Spain) – Towards Todtnauberg, 2014, 5:40 (new 2015 !)
Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel I (NL) – One Minute Silence, 2012, 1:00
Theme Bannenberg & Nok Snel II (NL) – Unravelling, 2013, 4:20
Albert Bayona (Spain) – Sundays on the Edge of the Empire), 2015, 07:30 (new 2016 !)
Bebe Beard (USA) – Capacity, 2009, 6:05
Tova Beck-Friedman (USA) – At the Altar of her Memories
Christiano Berti (Italy) – Lety, 2009, 19:40
Christophe Bisson (France) – Sarah (K), 2014, 14:00 (new 2014 !)
Isobel Blank (Italy) – If a spot of human lasts, 2009, 3:57
Paolo Bonfiglio (Italy) – Mortale, 2009, 6:48
Vanane Borian (Israel) – 1915-“, 2015, 2.33 (new 2016 !)
Brit Bunkley (New Zealand) – Kafka’s Sisters, 2014, 3:57 (new 2016 !)
Sean Burn (UK) – Turn the Book Around, 2009, 1:42
David R. Burns (USA) – Zikaron, 2010, 1:45
Dova Cahan I (Israel) – ” A Zionist Journey From Romania To Eritrea”, 2010, 38:00
Dova Cahan II (Israel) – My aunt Mina and her son Shmuel never came back from Auschwitz”. 2015, 9.18 (new 2015 !)
Dova Cahan III (Israel) – My Visit at Ferramonti of Tarsia, 2016, 12:10 (new 2016 !)
Marita Contreras (Peru) – Maria, 2010, 5:37
Brian Delevie (USA) – Haggadah, 2007, 13:03
Konstantinos-A. Goutos (GR) – theFlâneu® shoots auschwitz, 2009, 29:49
Alicia Felberbaum (UK) – Undressing Room, 2009, 4:30
Jenna Feldman (USA) – Holocaust Girls, 2008, 13:00
Alessandro Fonte (Italy) – Unisono, 2013, 2:37
Peter Freund (USA) – Camp, 2011, 7:15
Ela Goldman (Israel) – What Has Been Will Be Again, What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again, 2013, 3:49
Beate Gordes (Germany) – Been a war child / Kriegskind gewesen, 2014, 3:22 (new 2016 !)
Grace Graupe Pillard (USA) – Nowhere to Go, 2009, 7:00
Felice Hapetzeder I (SWE) – Origin On Re-cut Trailer, 2009, 7:02
Felice Hapetzeder II (Sweden) – Image of a Traitor Trailer, 2017
Todd Herman (USA) – I Cannot Speak Without Shaking, 2007, 5:00
Istvan Horkay I (Hungary) – Tenebrae, 2012, 6:00
Istvan Horkay II (Hungary) – “Raoul Wallenberg”, 2014, 62:00 (new 2014 !)
Murad Ibragimbekov (Russia) – Human, 2015, 8:39 (new 2015 !)
Arne Intveen (Switzerland) – KLC, 2011, 4:58
Shelley Jordon (USA) – Anita’s Journey, 2011, 8:28
Mária Júdová (Czech Republik) – Metaphors of the body, 2013, 6:04 (new 2016 !)
[/] Menachem Kaiser (USA) – reVilna, 2013, interaktiv
Anetta Kapon (USA) – My German Vocabulary, 2007, 2:09
Holger Kiess (Germany) – Purane Korakori – old steps, 2007, 33:18
Shon Kim (South Korea) – Latent Sorrow – 2006, 3:30
Lilia Kopac (Lithuania) – The Pit of Life and Torment, 2013, 60:00
Maria Korporal (NL) Anne Frank, 2014 , 6:20 (new 2015 !)
Tammy Mike Laufer (IL) – Memory of the Holocaust is not dead!, 2009, 7:05
Dario Lazzaretto (Italy) – “Lizt”, 2015, 02:38 (new 2016 !)
Dana Levy (IL) – Time with Franz, 2005, 10:00
Heike Liss & Thea Farhadian (USA) – ZeroPointTwo, 2007, 18:00
Marcantonio Lunardi I (Italy) – No, 2013, 2:29
Marcantonio Lunardi II (Italy) – Anthropometry 154855, 2015, 3:30 (new 2016 !)
Lukas Matejka (Slovakia) – E-A = sEx and wAr, 2009. 3:04
Wrik Mead (Canada) – Camp, 2000, 12:00 (new 2016 !)
KirsiMarja Metsähuone (Finland) – Known Named Identified, 2014, 5:37 min
Branko Miliskovic (Serbia) – Detention Paradise, 2009, 7:40
Valerio Murat and Antonio Poce (Italy) – They made a desert and was called peace, 2014, 8’45” (new 2015 !)
Jay Needham (USA) – This is a Recording, 2009, 4:29
Doris Neidl (Austria) – If this is a Man, 2009, 5:09
Ben Neufeld I (USA) – Castaway pt. 2 ,2009, 7:57
Ben Neufeld II (USA) – The Deaf Lumberjack, The Blind Potboiler, 2015, 25:25 (new 2015 !)
Brigitte Neufeldt I (Germany) – Jewish Life in Halle/Saale, 2005/2015, 4:30 (new 2016 !)
Brigitte Neufeldt II (Germany) – Güterbahnhof/Freight Depot Halle/Saale, 2005/2016 , 06:26 (new 2016 !)
Andrea Nevi (Italy) – Everything collapses and disintegrates around me, 2011, 2:40
Miri Nishri (IL) – Troubled Water, 2007, 12:00
Cezary Ostrowski (Poland) – The Place, 2009, 5:08
Paolo Ottonello (italy) – Litte chronicle from the Bell Tower, 2015, 03 mins 25 secs (new 2015 !)
Anaïs Pélaquier (France) – How I lost my voice – Comment j’ai perdu ma voix, 2003, 33’21” (new 2015 !)
Jacob J. Podber (USA) – Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland, 2013, 2:35
Doron Polak & Uri Dushy (IL) – RED (1-3), 2008, 30:00
Isabel Perez del Pulgar (Spain) – Sacrifice, 2017, 11:50
Roland Quelven (France) – Death Fugue B50.02 – L19.20, 2013, 3:15
(/) Joseph Rabie (France) – Dachau, 2005, interactive
Janet Riedel, Katja Pratschke, Gusztáv Hámos (DHu) – Fiasco, 2010, 30:00
Jean-Michel Rolland (France) – “C’est interdit” ; “It’s forbidden”, 2011, 1:00
Isabelle Rozenbaum (France) – Two Trees, 2009, 11:47
Nathania Rubin I (USA) – My Girl Burn, 2009, 2:54 –
Nathania Rubin II (USA) – Anne on Hades, 2009, 4:10 –
Jens Salander (SWE) – The Colossus by the Sea, 2005, 10.00 –
Antti Savela (SWE) – Matka, 2009, 3:33
Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair (Austria) – Display Case, 2014, 10:14 (new 2016 !)
Elana Schwadron Minkow (IL) – Those I NeverKnew, 2012, 10:00
Daveed Shwartz (IL) – I saw a Mountain, 2009, 5:00
Maja Schweizer (Germany) – Passing Down, Frame One, 2007, 10:30
Allan Siegel/Rene Lichtman (USA) – Hidden Poland, 2003, 60:00
Boris Sribar (Serbia) – I love you so much, I would kill for you, 2009, 3:50
Roderick Steel (Brazil) – Implementation: A Telematic Triptych, 2016, 03:30
Hadas Tapuchi (IL) – Moel Yad, 2009, 6:00
Rolanda Teicher Yekutiel (Israel)- The Last Numbers, 2006, 20:00
Thanut Rujitanont (Thailand) – Teun, 2016, 4:13 (new 2016 !)
Myriam Thyes (Switzerland) – Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s Vanishing Lines, 2015, 10:10 (new 2015 !)
Angelina Voskopoulos (Greece) – Behind this page but not disappearing 2015, 16:40 (new 2016 !)
Daniel Wechsler (Israel) – Remains, 2014, 02:18 (new 2015 !)
Yonatan Weinstein (IL) – My Grandma – Frau Masha, 2006, 57:00
Susanne Wiegner (Germany) – [my homeland] – [meine heimat], 2012, 1:33 (new 2014 !)
Mariusz Wirski III (Poland) – 45-39, 2015, 8:41 (new 2015 !)
Mariusz Wirski II (Poland) – Pan Werner , 2015, 4:00 (new 2015 !)
Mariusz Wirski I (Poland) – Passerby, 2012, 1:14
(/) Ariel Yannay Shani (Israel) – Remembering The Future, 2005, interactive
Rachel Zaretzky (USA) – “My Visit to the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe”, 2015, 1:55
Anna Zett (Germany) – NOW vs NOW vs NOW, 2012, 5:52 (new 2015 !)

(/) = interactive works on CD-Rom & Internet


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