The Collections


The general collection
This collection is not specified for a certain traumatic incident

Shoah Film Collection
a collection of currently about 70 art films and videos, dealing witgh the topic of Holocaust and the memory of the collective trauma


Cambodia 1975-1979

A collection of documentaries about the era of the genocide in Cambodia 1975-1979 and the post-geneocide era untul these day. The whole country is still suffering from this collective trauma.

The current refugee crisis in Europe and worldwide is taken as a starting point for reflecting why people see themselves forcved to leave the home country, become a refugee and find a place for survival at secure places elsewhere. The collection of art videos and documentations would like to go down deeply to the humanitary questions and solidarity, empathy and humanity as a fundamental condition for the survival of the human species.

Never More! – Hiroshima- Fukushima
A collection of art videos dealing with the nuclear desasters and the consequneces for mankind.